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The Pearls of Wisdom program is designed to empower grandparents and more experienced members of our community to share their experiences with other families where the parent(s) identify as LGBTQ. The program provides various platforms for these advocates to tell their stories and promote family equality on local, state, and national levels. For more than 30 years, we've been empowering our families to tell the truth, dispelling myths and misinformation about families with parents who are LGBTQ, changing the national dialogue in a more informed way about our communities’ true family values.

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Grandparents Wisdom: Social Media and Connecting with Grandkids

posted on Tue, Jul 14 2015 9:49 am by Elena Enriquez

Dr. Ronni Sanlo of Ask the Experts shares advice for grandparents regarding social media and how it affects the grandchild/grandparent relationship. Do you have questions about legal protections, forming a family, safe schools, LGBTQ parenting or other matters relating to LGBTQ headed families, visit the Ask the Experts online portal.

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"La dor va dor" - From generation to generation

posted on Mon, Jul 9 2012 3:30 pm by Daryl Roth, Award-Winning Broadway Producer and Grandparent

I have always thought that if the grandparents of LGBT families like myself were more vocal about our acceptance and love of our children and grandchildren, we could send a powerful message.

That's why I am thrilled to announce that Family Equality Council is launching a new initiative, Pearls of Wisdom, a Group for Grandparents."

In Jewish tradition, the phrase "La dor Va dor " means to pass our ideals from one generation to the next.  So if we can take that to heart, and show our support across the generations, we can make our society a stronger, safer, and more loving environment for all of our families, gay and straight.

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