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Throughout the year, Pride events all over the country provide opportunities for the LGBTQ community to connect, celebrate, and honor the great strides we've made in the movement for equality. Family Equality Council works with Pride festivals and local organizations in many parts of the country to provide family-friendly spaces and events at Pride. 

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Help us demonstrate that LGBTQ Pride includes lots and lots of Family Pride! Check out the growing list of our events and mark your calendar to join the celebration. Pride can be a wonderful chance to create a new family tradition! 

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Tips to help make your local Pride more family-friendly:

Talk to your children first. What is pride? Why is it celebrated? Use the event to talk about LGBTQ history, the history of discrimination our community has faced, and why we still advocate for our rights.

Call your local Pride organizer. Find out what family-friendly activities are already planned in your area. Find the family zone! Some parts of Pride, often including the main event’s parade, may be best for adults – ask about the elements that are most suitable for children.

Make the event your own! Go with a group of friends, family and/or other parents with children. Combine it with a cookout or picnic and make your own family Pride tradition.

Show your pride. Don't just be an observer, encourage the children to dress up in their proudest clothes, or decorate their wagons and bikes. Pride events are for you and your family.

Make connections! Use the occasion to introduce children to the wonderful rainbow of folks who make up our community, especially our seniors who enjoy seeing a new generation who feel free to be proud of their families.

Share your stories. Help your children take photos and use them to talk to their friends, summer camp buddies, and classmates about their family and why Pride matters.

Volunteer. Take pride by giving back. Go with your children to help out the local LGBTQ parent organization or LGBTQ community center.


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