Across the United States, over 110,000 children and youth are living in foster care and waiting to be adopted; waiting to be placed with a loving, "forever family."

Family Equality Council is proud to make improving child welfare systems and adoption placement rates a centerpiece of our mission, and during National Adoption Month, we focus special attention on the stories of LGBTQ families formed through adoption, to help reveal some of the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ youth, and LGBTQ parents, when navigating the adoption process.

Thank You for Celebrating National Adoption Month With Us

posted on Thu, Nov 30 2017 1:16 pm by Family Equality Council

National Adoption Month

“The most important message is this: it is in the best interests of children that every household in the US that is willing and able to provide a loving, stable, adoptive family is allowed to do so.”

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Our Foster-to-Adopt Success Story from New Orleans

posted on Mon, Nov 20 2017 6:00 am by Guest Author: Nette Archangel

Nette Archangel and Family

"The road to adoption is far from easy but definitely worth the trip. We couldn't imagine our family without our boys."

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Creating Our Family Through Adoption

posted on Thu, Nov 16 2017 6:00 am by Guest Author: Kent Love-Ramirez

Kent Love-Ramirez and Family

"Unfortunately there is no standard roadmap for LGBTQ prospective adoptive parents pursuing adoption. Every journey is unique."

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Episode #11: National Adoption Month Stories

posted on Tue, Nov 14 2017 7:53 am by Emily McGranachan, East Coast Regional Manager

Outspoken Voices Episode #11

This month’s episode of Outspoken Voices is dedicated to National Adoption Month. We’re joined by Jamie and Bo Nabozny, and Katie Mitchell, who shared their adoption stories with Emily McGranachan.

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My Adoption Story: Two Moms, Legal Challenges, Loving Who I Am

posted on Mon, Nov 13 2017 6:00 am by Guest Author: Tony Hynes

Tony Hynes

"In 1992 Janet Simons and Mary Hynes, two white women, were looking to adopt, and visited me at the orphanage my mom had given me to. Two months later I went home to live with them."

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Our Adoption Journey: A Forever Family for Five Siblings

posted on Thu, Nov 9 2017 12:01 pm by Guest Author: Kevin Neubert

Kevin Neubert and Family

"After all, we thought, we're both teachers. We're organized. We're patient. If anyone can do this for these kids, it's us. So, we quickly became a family of seven with an 8, 6, 4, 3, and 1-year-old."

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Our Adoption Journey: Overcoming Obstacles in Alabama

posted on Mon, Nov 6 2017 2:30 pm by Guest Author: April Aaron-Brush

April Aaron-Brush

When we adopted, Ginger was listed on the home-study as my “room mate” and legally, I was the parent that was adopting.  It wasn’t until same-sex marriage became the law of the land, some 8 years later, that Ginger was able to also legally adopt our daughter.  

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Our Adoption Journey: Foster-to-Adopt in Massachusetts

posted on Thu, Nov 2 2017 7:26 am by Guest Author: Cesar Stewart-Morales

Cesar Stewart-Morales' adoption story

My family and I live in a brick-front, Cape Cod style house on a dead-end road in Framingham, Massachusetts.  After almost 20 years together, my husband, Jeff, and I feel blessed to have a beautiful family complete with a Kindergartener and a toddler running around the house.  My husband and I always planned to have children and we spoke about it openly ever since we first met as teenagers.  We married on our 15th anniversary and quickly got to work on building our family [...]

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Family Equality Council Celebrates National Adoption Month

posted on Wed, Nov 1 2017 9:20 am by Family Equality Council

November is National Adoption Month, and we’re bringing you stories of LGBTQ families formed through adoption, resources that help navigate the challenges of the adoption process, and opportunities to take action.

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